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The website is a hunting social network, creating communication possibilities for hunters, members of game management, lovers of nature, arousing interest of those who intend to hunt and presenting the hunting as particular way of life and self-responsibility.

The Hunttrophy Limited Liability Company (established in Hungary, 2067 Szárliget, Béke Street 54., registration number:. 11-09-025558, Email: is the owner and operator (hereinafter referred to as Operator) of  (hereinafter the Site) determine conditions of intended use of the portal  as follows:

I.   Registration, user account deletion

1)The services provided by the Site  are  available only after registration by the user.

2/Entered data during the registration are processed by Operator in accordance with present Privacy Policy which is an integral, inseparable part of these terms and conditions laid down.

3/Creating a user account user agrees to present Terms of Use of the Site and required to comply with the use of the Site

4/Creating a user account user acknowledges and agrees that the Site is moderated by principles of  Moderation Code, which is an integral part of  present Terms of Use Policy.

5/At the request of the User sent to the following addresses,, the e-mail address or to Hunttrophy Limited Liability Company Hungary, 2067 Szárliget, Béke Street 54., postal address, the user account will be deleted by Operator.


II.               Copyright

1/User accepting present terms and conditions states that its own contents as visual, written and other materials uploaded by him / her, don’t violate others’ rights or legitimate interest and further declares  that the right to use all materials have uploaded is transferred free and permanently to Operator.

2/User accepting present  terms and conditions acknowledges that if the Operator perceive or is reported about the perception of content uploaded by user infringes any third party’s  rights or legitimate interest, Operator have the right to remove the uploaded content  from the Site without any compensation.

3/Operator calls users and visitors attention that any uploaded content appearing on the Site perceives in any aspects electronic commerce, information society services and 2001. CVIII. Act 13 §, (declaring  if any infringement is perceived on

any third party’s  copyright works, performance, phonogram, works in audiovisual works, existing database rights protected by copyright laws, furthermore it perceives exclusive rights under the trademark registration stated under the Act on trademarks and geographical trademark registration), the violated third party may call in full probative force contained in a public document or notice the Operator to remove the very offensive information.

4/The notification should  include the subject of the offense, infringement facie evidence designation, the information required to identify infringing content, the violated users's name, address or registered office, telephone number and electronic mail address.

5/Operator declares that neither users nor visitors are entitled to download content from the Site and he / she is not authorized for it’s any other use.

III.           Responsibility

1/Operator have the right to pause temporarily the Site’s  availability  for repair, maintenance or other reasons.  In this case, Operator will make every reasonable effort to keep pausing as short amount of time as possible and causing less inconvenience to users.

2/Operator will make every effort for continuous and smooth operation and access to the Site, but in the case of temporary service interruption, operational problem or termination,  Operator  does not have any financial responsibility to users because of  pausing of free services.

3/Operator will not be liable for any damage arising from visiting the Site.

4/Operator is not responsible for the reality content of  published photos, stories, advertisements and comments uploaded by users.

5/Accordingly, the Operator will not investigate the reality content of hunting photos, hunting stories uploaded by users, will not test the feasibility of any wild food recipes presented by users and will not inspect the compliance of trophy measuring data uploaded by users with the official record trophy award system.

6/Operator also reserve the right if visual, written materials and comments uploaded, perceive the rules specified in Moderation Code to remove them from the Site. In case of deletion the very user is not entitled to compensation.

IV.           Newsletter,  Master Profil

1/Operator of the Site periodically send Newsletters to users subscribed for the neswletter service to their registered e-mail address. User has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter any time. Unsubsribe from the Newsletter is made by the user’s written request sent to e-mail address or to postal address (Hunttrophy Limited Liability Company 1Hungary, 2067 Szárliget, Béke Street 54.)

2/User with registration on the Site will be automatically entitled to use the services of Master Profile, which grants the possibility to him / her to access to all entries, comments and data contents uploaded by Operator and key partners.

                   V. Privacy Policy

1/ The Hunttrophy Limited Liability Company (furthermore: Data-Manager) (established in Hungary, 2067 Szárliget, Béke Street 54., registration number:. 11-09-025558, Data Protection Manager: Csaba Fegyver, Email: constitute the following privacy policy determined by the order of the data management  in accordance with 2011. CXII. law, containing information technology law on self-determination and on freedom of information.

2/Principles of data – management

a/The Data Manager use personal data (which can be in connection with the user and data can be basis for consequence to be drawn about the user) exclusively for registration to the Site

b/Specific data can not be treated by Data Manager

c/Data Manager use only that personal information which is essential for achieving of objectives of data management and is applicable for achieving the goal. Data Manager use personal information solely to the extent and duration necessary to achieve that goal.

d/The processed data are: the name of the registrant, email address, phone number, Skype name, place of residence (country, city)

e/During data management Data Manager provides the accuracy of the data, it’s up to date being, and the very condition that the user could be identified only as long as necessary for the purpose of data management.

f/Data Manager guarantee the fair, confidential, trustworthy and lawful recording and processing of personal data in all respects and ensure that during the procedure of data management and data processing shall proceed in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

3/The legal basis of data management

a/Personal data can be processed only if the person agrees. Data Manager consider the approval granted, if the very person after reading present Rules will grant and voluntarily submit his / her personal data. The person granting and submitting his / her personal data approves the right of  DataManager to collect, record, organize and store the relevant data (according to the concerned consents to the order of the data management  in accordance with 2011. CXII. law, containing information technology law on self-determination and on freedom of information).

b/The data manager informs the person concerned, that unless otherwise regulated within the scope of act or other legislation, he is entitled to controll the personal datas given by registration, in case the personal data must be controlled to fulfill legal obligations applicable to the controller or must be controlled to enforce the rightful interests of the controller or third parties and the enforcement of such interests is proportionate to the restrictions pertaining to the right to the protection of personal data.

4/Data Security

a/Data Manager protect personal information especially against  unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, publication, erasure or destruction, and accidental destruction or damage, furthermore against becoming inaccessible due to changes in technology applied.

b/Data Manager does not forward  information given during / after registration.

5/User’s rights and obligations

a/Data Manager inform user this way, that he / she may require information about handling of personal data, and request for correction of personal information related, furthermore he / she may request the deletion and locking of personal data writing to e-mail address or to postal address (Hunttrophy Limited Liability Company Hungary, 2067 Szárliget, Béke Street 54.).

b/Data Manager have the right to refuse supplying information only in case if it is  in connection with self-determination and freedom of information of 2011. CXII. § 16 of the Act (2).


c/The personal data will be deleted from the applications concerned too, even if the data management is unlawful, if it is incomplete or incorrect, the aim of data management is ceased, or the data stored statutory deadline expired, or it is ordered by the court or other authority.

d/Compliance with the Data Management Code is binding for all employees of Operator.

e/User may protest  to the management of personal data if the use of personal data or it’s transmission has direct marketing aim, public opinion research or for scientific research purpose and  if when the aim of handling or           transfering of personal data is for Data Manager to fulfill it’s  legal obligations or the Data manager, the data importer or a third required person having a legitimate interest pursued. Data Manager examine the application containing the protest, within 15 days of its submission, and adjudge in the question of its merits and inform the user of its decision. If  user doesnt accept the decision of the Data manager concerned he / she has the right to go to bring an action within 30 days of notification of the decision or from the date of the last day, at the county court of the domicile or place of residence is concerned commenced.

f/Data Manager inform user to go to court if his / her rights are violated. Confiscation of proceedings is the legal powers of courts, but confiscation can be brought  before the tribunal of the place of residence or stay involved as well.

6/Duration of data management

Data Manager manages data given after registration till deregistering of user.    

                  VI   Rules of Moderation

1/Introductory Provisions

Operator hereby draws the users' attention to the fact that according to 2010 Act CIV. Act 4 § (3) on the freedom of the press and the basic rules of media content "Exercise of press freedom can not constitute crime or call for crime, may not violate public morals and may not violate others’ moral rights", so for avoiding  abuse of press freedom composed the following rules.

2/Moderator a/ Moderator is appointed by the Operator with the purpose to ensure  the  civilized tone, compliance with the law and smooth operation of the service. on

b/Moderator attend on his / her own perception and by the notifications sent to e-mail address.


a/A natural person can choose his / her own name, legal entity, unincorporated organization may choose its own authentically recorded name or abbreviated name. In case of name identity the user registrating later  is required to use recognizable distinctive tag, mark or disuse.

b/Operator does not investigate  the reality content of comments of registered users, Operator do not assume responsibility. In cases when a particular comment violates private or others’ reasonable and legitimate  interests or violate public policy, Operator may cancel it without any motivation.

c/Moderator is entitled to delete - without prior warning - visual or written material and commment in the following cases    especially, but not exclusively:

1/presumably  violate  any law (copyright, right of personality)

2/contain call, proposition or recommandation for infringement

3/contain insulting, discrediting opinions, statements for others , especially other users

4/contain personal information about someone and he / she is against its disclosure

5/contain vulgar, aggressive, threatening tonality, abnormally and unduly common/vulgar manifestation

6/contain racist phrases and phrases for contumelious and offensive of others’ conscience, religious, national and ethnic affiliation

7/contain  topics / comments impeding conversation, visualize political affiliation, sympathy or antipathy and other topics include foreign entries

8/advertise implicitly or explicitly profit oriented products or services, without having valid advertising contract

d/Operator reserve the right after that, if implemented cases occur, as provided herein remove objectionable content without notice, delete  in the context of visual, written material of any kind to the users comment, Operator shall not be liable.

VI.           Final Provisions

These terms of use come into force on the  01/10/2013 and apply for an indefinite period


Dear User,

I kindly inform you that the provisions of paragraph 14 section 1 of Act XLVIII of 2008 on the Essential Conditions and Certain Limitations of Business Advertising Activity prohibit the advertising of ammunition, weapons, explosives and those equipment that endanger law and order.

Paragraph 14 section 2 allows the advertising of the above mentioned for professional organizations with professional intentions.

Since your advertisement belongs to this category please declare officially that you are a professional organization and you advertise for professional purposes.


I click the Register button to declare that the above conditions are met.


Budapest, 1. Oktober 2013.



Ágnes  Fegyver

manager (managing director)

as representative of

Hunttrophy Limited Liability Company (Data Manager)

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